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Supply of small and medium sized c.n.c. Routers, up to 3m x 2m capacity

Supply of c.n.c. Routers for manufacture of orthotics from EVA, PU and polypropylene

Support for FitMill360 orthotics software

Supply of CAD/CAM software

Training and support for c.n.c. Routers and CAD/CAM software

Wide range of router cutters

Tooling and accessories for c.n.c. Routers and other machines

C.n.c. programming service

Woodworking machinery and tooling
We supply
small, medium
and heavy duty
cnc routers from
Rensi, Finland.
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more information
We supply Vectric CAD/CAM software and provide training. More details can be found here
Central c.n.c. Machinery Ltd is a UK based company, specialising in small and medium sized c.n.c. routing machines.

We offer the following services:
Rensi Routers
We provide support and training for FitMill360 software.
More details can be found here
Software Software Rensi Routers Rensi Routers